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Monday, 24 March 2014

The Newly Renovated T3 Terminal of the IGI Airport in New Delhi

Written by: Sandeep Sinha - Scientific Poet of the 21st Century

To facilitate air travel for international passengers, the Indira Gandhi International, IGI, Airport in New Delhi has renovated its T3 Terminal meant for international departures and arrivals.

New Delhi has become a congested capital city because of an explosive increase in the number of vehicles, mainly cars, on its roads. The moment you take an exit from the highway leading toward the airport, the 2 km road strip is clean, has green plants and colorful flowers on either side, and gives you some physical space as your vehicle may not have another vehicle clinging to yours in a restricted-traffic area pf the airport. There is a multistorey parking complex where you can park your car and take an elevator to enter the airport.

If you are a passenger, then you need to show your Passport and ticket to the the security. If you are a visitor, you can buy a Visitor's Ticket to enter the airport. The floor outside the airport glitters as the tiles are cleaned regularly.

The airport interior resembles the lobby of a 5-star hotel. There are facilities for currency exchange and for shrink packing of your luggage. After doing a check-in of your luggage and getting the boarding pass from the airlines staff, you can proceed to the International Departures section where you will be required to submit the Immigration and Customs Forms.

After fulfilling the necessary formalities, you can proceed toward the gate from where your flight would take-off. As you walk, you may like to shop at various outlets selling chocolates, perfumes, Indian sweets, clothing, books, or souvenirs. If you have time, you can always enjoy the airport ambience by having a cup of tea or coffee in the food court.

The T3 Terminal is huge, and it may take you a few minutes before you reach your boarding gate. For the convenience of international passengers, there are moving walks so that you do not have to walk for long; instead you just stand on one end of the moving walk and reach its other end effortlessly. The floor is elegantly carpeted, giving a royal touch to the decor.

Art lovers can admire, with awe, the sculptures displayed along the way. There is a beautiful sculpture of the Sun God in the middle of one of the pathways. It seems to calm your anxieties besides wishing you a happy, safe travel.

 Then there is another exhibit showing a group of men performing yogic exercises. Since international travel involves a long journey where the human body has to endure physical strain, the various yogic exercises in the exhibit encourage the passengers to stretch the body wherever possible.

When you come back to New Delhi after completing your international travel, the T3 Terminals of the Indira Gandhi International Airport shall welcome you once again at its International Arrivals section.

Here, you will be required to fill up the Immigration Card and the Customs Card again. There are beautiful displays of hand sculptures with fingers and thumb in various positions known as Mudras. These mudras are used in Indian classical dance to convey different meanings and complement facial expressions as well as body movements.

See you again!

With love from Travel Funky


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