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Friday, 21 March 2014

Choosing the Mode of Transport while Traveling in India

Written by: Sandeep Sinha - Scientific Poet of the 21st Century

India is a big, diverse country with mountains, beaches, desert, and, of course - the plains. The topography of land varies throughout the country; there are well-developed roads on highways, but some parts of villages and cities may lack good roads. In a country with hot summer - Mercury reaching +45 Celsius and rainy season - it may rain non-stop for 2 to 3 days in some areas, people surrender to extreme, unpredictable weather patterns and take the help of cycle-rickshaws, tempos, and auto-rickshaws to reach their destination timely and comfortably.

Buses are used by majority of commuters in cities, towns, and villages. This mode of public transport is the most economical and reliable for a tourist. You have to go to an Inter State Bus Terminal, which is also located near the railway station, to take buses plying between different states of India. The maximum journey time on this type of bus may be no more than 16 hours, after which trains serve as an economical, comfortable means of public transport.

Trains are a delight for people of all ages. Children feel like a dream come true since they often read stories about trains in the Indian textbooks. India has a well-developed network of trains with different coaches according to the facilities available in the coach. For example, a train with 15 coaches will usually have 10 sleeper coaches with sleeper beds, 2 air-conditioned three-tier coaches, 1 air-conditioned two-tier coach, and 2 general class, unreserved coaches. Since the train fare depends on the type of coach, you can choose the coach according to your liking and budget.

Auto-Rickshaws are commonly seen in all cities and most towns. An auto-rickshaw is a small motor vehicle having a driver and seating capacity for 2 passengers. It is used by people to travel a maximum distance of 50 km because after covering 50 km, the total cost of trip will become higher. For safety reasons, the maximum speed of an auto-rickshaw should be about 40 km per hour. It is called auto-rickshaw because it evolved as a motor variant of pedal-driven, cycle-rickshaw.

Cycle-Rickshaws have 3 tires; there is a man to pedal the rickshaw, and 2 passengers can be seated on the rear bench. For traveling short distances, a cycle-rickshaw is the cheapest means of transport. On a hot summer day, when you are too tired to walk, take a cycle-rickshaw and reach your home comfortably.
In addition to the above modes of transport, cars, metros, and airplanes are also used by tourists in India. Check your budget and liking for a particular mode of transport. Choose the mode of transport that you find economical and comfortable.

Have a nice travel!

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