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Thursday, 20 March 2014

20 Best Trips for Summer 2014

Source:  20 Best Trips for Summer 2014
Website: Ordinary Traveler
By Christy Woodrow

You may think there’s plenty of time to plan your summer vacation, but spring will come before you know it. We all know – the earlier you start planning your vacation (you can use a service like booked.net for hotel reservations) the more likely it is that you won’t forget anything.

The first question that usually comes to mind is, “Where to go?” and followed closely by, “Where to stay?.” So, we decided to assist you by providing this list of 2014’s best summer vacation destinations and where to stay in each of them.

20. Have you ever been to Egypt? Ancient history, pyramids, pharaohs and lots of delicious, exotic cuisine – this is just a portion of what you will find here. Shores Amphoras hotel of Sharm el-Sheikh is waiting for you.

19. Tunis has become insanely popular lately, so its tourism-related infrastructure continues to grow like Chinese bamboo! You will most likely enjoy Dar Ben Gacem hotel, for its hospitality and amazing atmosphere.

18. This year, Hong Kong is also considered one of the best places for a vacation. Most of the tourists have provided positive feedback about their stay here. Royal Garden Hong Kong hotel is open for booking, but don’t wait too long.

17. Let’s hear it for Israel – a small country with a huge number of tourist spots to visit. A week is definitely not enough to visit them all. Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba hotel is a wonderful option here – just be sure to book your accommodation beforehand.

16. Austria is not to miss this year either. If you’re into “renaissance” atmosphere and old cities, Atlantis Hotel Vienna is your best choice for accommodation. You’ll get just what you need, being totally comfortable in terms of conveniences and location.

Hallstatt, Austria
15. Spain has always been associated with summer and fun. You can enjoy the beautiful Barcelona, with its unique architecture and cuisine, staying at The Urban Suites. Or…

14. If you’re a fan of sunny beaches and sparkling seas – welcome to the Barcelo Cala Vinas of Mallorca. You’ll be completely satisfied with its conveniences.

13. France has become extremely popular for sunny trips these days, and it has two positions in our list as well. We’ll begin with Cannes – a spot for celebrities from all over the world. Any porter from Gray D’Albion Hotel will tell you about hundreds of Hollywood stars and politicians whom they have hosted recently.

12. At the same time, Paris is one of the leading cities of France in terms of tourism. Hotel Le Pierre offers the best accommodation ever for those who would like to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the most romantic city of the world.

11. For fans of quality beer and tasty meat, Germany opens its doors to tourists all over the world. Munich is a perfect destination, namely – Holiday Inn Munich-Unterhaching. You’ll be amazed at how the stereotypical German cities are different from the real ones!

10. Some say it’s a good idea to visit Japan in summer. Well, believe it or not, there’s a lot to see in Tokyo, especially in terms of their unique culture. Park Hotel Tokyo is happy to accommodate you once you decide to travel to Japan.

9. Sunny Croatia and its ancient Fort Dubrovnik could be a very interesting discovery for you. Just book your rooms at Hotel Excelsior and you’ll find yourself in a truly medieval place, along with its stone walls, towers, narrow streets and magical atmosphere.

8. Belgium is a fun destination for your 2014 travels, and you may want to start with Brussels – the capital. It has more tourists spots than a regular European city. Try Steigenberger Grandhotel Brussels and see the famous Belgian hospitality in action.

7. Czech Republic is a country of proud traditions and really tasty beer. Come to Prague and enjoy medieval architecture and delicious cuisine. Hotel Leonardo Prague will help you to make your stay perfect.

6. Crete: Come to Cretan Dream Royal Hotel and enjoy a vacation full of vine, olives, cheese and miles of sparkling sea. 350 sunny days a year – that’s what Crete is all about!

5. Italy gets two places in the list as well, with its ancient cities and sandy beaches as well. We offer Rome as an idea because it’s really one of the most famous historical places in the world. Hotel Majestic is a great place to rest your head in this city.

4. Italy is home to many gorgeous coastal towns. For vacations by the sea, try Grand Hotel Alassio.

3. Mother Russia and Moscow. Ever thought of going there? If so, make sure to stay at Hotel Metropol — a marvel of the Soviet Times — and enjoy the unique spirit of the exotic Russian culture.

2. UAE, Dubai is an oasis in the desert. One of the richest cities of the world, this city has so much entertainment available that tourists don’t want to leave. Try Bonnington Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotel and go shopping in Dubai. You won’t forget this vacation – ever.

1. And… the best place for Summer vacation is London! Nobody can argue with the fact that there’s plenty to do and see here. Stay at The May Fair hotel to enjoy the atmosphere to the full extent!

Photo Credits: Main photo by Trey Ratcliff at Stuck in Customs. Austria photo by Kevin Poh via Creative Commons.

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