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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Important Things to Check Before Staying in a Hotel Room

Written by: Sandeep Sinha - Scientific Poet of the 21st Century

When you plan a vacation to a hill station, beach, or any city, the first thing you do is book a hotel room. Since you can book a hotel room online, there are chances that the actual features of a room may be of lower quality than those shown in the picture on the website. Hence, it is important to check the interior of the room before you open the contents of your suitcase in the room allotted to you.

The toilet seat in a room is the first thing you may like to check. Firstly, some bathrooms have a very small area due to which the toilet seat may not have ample space for you to sit, even though you may use it for 10 minutes. If your bowels are not fully removed, then you may feel uneasy the whole day. So see that the toilet seat has sufficient space for you to sit and stretch your legs on either side.

Do not hesitate to check that the shower is in working condition and that the hot and cold water taps are working too.

Then coming to the room, press the mattress with your hand to its firmness. It should neither be too hard nor too soft. The main point in checking its firmness is to have a mattress that closely matches your mattress at home. Some hotels have old mattresses and beds due to which the mattress sags as you lie down on it, as a result of which you may have a stiff back when you wake up.

It is a good idea to see that the air-conditioner is functioning. The new air-conditioners are split type and have a remote control to adjust the temperature, and to turn on/ off. The old air-conditioners have a built-in compressor that is noisy and may disturb your sleep. So choose a room with a split-type air-conditioner.

Also, see that the room phone is working. Even though you may think that the room phone is seldom used, it can prove quite useful in case of unexpected situations, such as water/ electricity/ air-conditioning problems.

Overall, the hotel room should be well-ventilated, neat and tidy, give a panoramic view, and noise-proof so that you have a comfortable stay.

Enjoy your holiday!

With love from Travel Funky


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