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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Which Seat is Convenient for an Airplane Journey

Written by: Sandeep Sinha - Scientific Poet of the 21st Century

It is a pleasant experience for everybody flying on an aircraft whether the passenger is flying for the first time or is a frequent flyer. Tourists have their preferences for the location of seat in an airplane. After some experience, and of course judicious thinking, pros and cons of various seating arrangements are indicated below. It must be stated here that all seats are good, and it is highly advisable to remain patient and courteous on an airplane, which is surely means of public transport.

The window seat is mostly preferred by a majority of passengers. It is because the passengers like to have an aerial view of the city, the river, and the greenery on ground. However, after five minutes of take-off, the only visible features to a passenger sitting next to the window are the clouds. It is nice to see cars that look like toys and buildings that look tiny when the plane may be only a kilometer from the ground surface. The drawback of sitting on the window seat is that the person's legs are not as free top move as on the aisle side. For a long journey, this can be a concern if you have arthritis or lower back problem.

The aisle seat provides good space for stretching of legs. Moreover, the passenger can walk inside the plane at regular intervals to allow adequate blood circulation in the legs and lower back.

If you have a middle seat in between the window seat and the aisle seat, then you lack the advantage of having a clear aerial view as well as lack the freedom to stretch your legs or walk inside the plane at regular intervals.

Also, if you are going on a long journey, then it may be a good idea to avoid the seat near the toilet. This is because your sleep might be disturbed by frequent opening and closing of toilet door by other passengers.

People having long legs should avoid using the frontmost seats facing the partition wall. Since the distance between the seat and the wall is about 3 feet, a passenger with long legs will not be able to stretch the legs completely. It can become quite annoying to sit with folded legs and being unable to stretch the legs completely, especially in a long trip.

So choose a seat according to your liking and request the airline staff member issuing the boarding pass to allot you a seat according to your preference.

Cheers and have a nice airplane journey!

With love from Travel Funky


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