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Monday, 20 January 2014

About Us

Travel Funky, as the name suggests, is about travel in its authenticity.

Our planet Earth is beautiful - natural wonders like mountains, beaches, oceans, rivers, lakes, and deserts provide diversity of landscape, while man-made attractions like shopping malls, recreational centers, discotheques, hotels, and restaurants allure the tourists from countries around the globe.

Enjoy exploring various sections of Travel Funky, and you'll discover some amazing, authentic information about places, food, and events happening in the world around you.

Some of the articles are written by Sandeep Sinha - noted writer, researcher, and poet, who was also Honored with the Title of Scientific Poet of the 21st Century.

Feel free to write your comments because your experiences enliven Travel Funky.

Best wishes in your travel

With love from  Travel Funky


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