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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Cruise Ship Etiquette

Source: Cruise Ship Etiquette
Website: Atlas Travel Web
By Terry Lobo

If you’ve never taken a cruise before and you’re planning for your first one, there’s a lot that you may need to know. Many cruise questions have to do with what to bring and what to wear, and you may also have questions about the itinerary and the different ports of call. One thing that you definitely need to know is how to maintain good on-board etiquette. Even on the largest and most luxurious cruise ship, you’re going to be in pretty close quarters with a lot of strangers, and everyone will have a better time if passengers are mannerly and considerate of each other and the crew. Happily, there isn’t too much difference between good etiquette on a cruise and good etiquette anywhere else. Here are a few things to consider to help you be the best cruise passenger that you can be.

Be Kind To The Crew  The overwhelming majority of cruise staff are well trained and will go out of their way to ensure that you have the best experience possible, but nothing is perfect. On a cruise ship with hundreds of people, you may well experience some inconveniences or disappointment. Most of the time, a quick and quiet word with the crew or management will result in immediate action to fix your problem, and it’s much more polite than making a scene for your fellow travelers to witness. You should also remember to tip. The majority of the salaries of many cruise workers come from gratuities. If you do experience poor service, it’s usually better to politely speak to management early on so the mistake can be corrected than to drastically reduce or skip your tip.

Respect the Buffet Rules  The ship’s buffet has more than enough food, so there’s no need to cut in line. On a similar note, if you are having trouble deciding between two dishes and there’s a long line behind you, just pick one and let the line move on. You can always go back to try the other one later. Don’t eat in the line, and don’t let small children get their plates unattended. Whatever you do, don’t go in the opposite direction of the line; buffets are definitely a one way street. If you missed something little that you needed, it’s OK to ask politely if you can cut in and grab it quickly; most people won’t mind. Otherwise, just grab a new plate and head through again in the right direction.

Be Considerate of Your Cabin Mates  If you’re not traveling with someone who’s used to sharing a room with you, it’s well worth making an extra effort to keep the shared space comfortable for both of you. Space is at a premium in ship cabins, so make sure to stow your things in the most space saving manner possible, and don’t leave things lying around. Discuss any issues like snoring, sleepwalking, or night owl tendencies ahead of time so that you can make sure the arrangement is going to work out for both of you. If one of you is keeping the other up all night, the lack of sleep is liable to cause tempers to flare.

When you follow some basic cruise etiquette rules, everybody wins. Your traveling companions, fellow passengers, and crew will be happier, and you’ll have a better time as a result.

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