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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Royal Cup of Tea in the Atrium of Imperial Hotel

Written by: Sandeep Sinha - Scientific Poet of the 21st Century

The Indian tea is popular worldwide because of its distinct aroma and freshness giving you a feeling of Royal class and majestic life. Although Darjeeling Tea that comes from the tea estates in the hill station of Darjeeling of Himalayan mountains is well-known among the tea-lovers, there are several other types of tea with delectable flavor. When you have a cup of fragrant tea in a relaxed ambience, such as the Atrium of Imperial Hotel in New Delhi, you really cherish every sip of Royal tea made specially for you.

Atrium is a spacious verandah inside the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi. The interior designers keep on changing its decor and the flower arrangement to make every visit of frequent tourists contrastingly appealing. The roses, the orchids, the tulips, and other flowers adorn the ambience of Atrium. Flowers are placed in stylish vases that provide a natural look to them. It seems as if you are sitting in a garden secluded from the noise and pollution of the metropolitan city.

By the time your aromatic tea is served by the courteous waiter, you can gaze at the high ceiling, which is nearly 25 feet above the ground level. A high ceiling was a typical feature of the British-style buildings from the colonial era. Residential and official buildings usually have a ceiling height of 10 feet in New Delhi; so you feel plenty of space around you in 3-dimensions.

The cutlery is also imported, mostly from France or Italy. You can prepare your kind of tea after mixing boiled tea, milk, and sugar to your liking. To enjoy the aroma of tea as it is, it is advisable to leave milk and sugar. You want to enjoy the aroma of tea with every sip and of the vapor rising from your tea cup. It is truly a memorable and delightful moment; so come to the Atrium of Imperial Hotel in New Delhi and enjoy your space in the company of aromatic tea.

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